Don’t Forget to Select your Categories

Just a reminder to check your Blog Section and Cohort categories on your posts. Follow the example below and choose the Blog Section and Cohort that applies to you. Choose Community Blog to share with everyone. The Uncategorized category is chosen by default, so make sure to uncheck it.

It’s just that easy. Now go to the sidebar and do an Author search for yourself and see if any of your posts (at the bottom of each post) say Uncategorized. If they do please change them. If  logged in you should see an Edit link in the same area at the bottom of the post that will take you to the post’s admin section. Do it for Momma.

Aaron Valdez

Culture Jammer, Spirit Bowler, Low Walker, Purveyor of Bad VHS, and Boring Landscape Aficionado. Guy who tries not to blow up this website.

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