E-portfolio: A fear full of fun

I have mixed feelings about this project.  I am extremely excited for the task of making this webpage, but at the same time I am terrified.  I know there is so much potential for this portfolio, which is probably why I am so afraid of it.  When I get into a project, I either go all-in and work nonstop until I reach the perfect product, or I simply work on it until I’ve decided its “good enough.”  Since I am taking 18 credits, working a job, and participating in multiple clubs this semester, I am afraid I will have to spend less time than I would like on this project.  It seems very daunting and difficult, yet so fun and exciting.  The possibilities are endless and it has the potential to be so much, I’m just afraid that my busy schedule will leave much to be desired.

I want to present myself as a free and whimsical writer.  I want my whole portfolio to mimic the outdoors and to bring a sense of relaxation to those who visit it.  I want to be perceived as confident and put together, as these are two adjectives that have never been used to describe me as a person.  Because these words are pretty much never used to describe me, I want them to describe my writing.  I want my writing  and my portfolio to emulate the person I strive to be.

I have not thought much about my ideal audience, but I would have to say I would enjoy it if my audience was my peers, or at least people my age.  I want to challenge those who read my papers.  I want them to think.  I want to strike a conversation, or even a controversy.  I want my portfolio to be very approachable but very thought provoking.  I want to make an impact on my readers.  This could be through the topics of my writing, but it could also be through the style of my writings.  I just want anyone who reads my material to life differently after being exposed to the layout/feeling of my site, along with some of the topics and arguments of my writing.

I hope to make my eportfolio distinctive by using pictures (preferably ones I have taken) and having them be part of the site, too.  They could be placed sporadically around the site, even paired with some of my writings.  I hope to find a picture that captures the feeling I hope the readers get while reading my writing, or that captures how I felt when I was actually writing the material.  To assist in creating this feeling, I would like to add some music to my site.  I would like to put in a lot of effort regarding the layout and the theme.  This is where I am very fearful.  I am afraid I might put in a lot of effort either into the writing that will be presented on the site, and therefore fail to put in a lot of effort to the formatting and layout of the site.  I am also afraid of the opposite happening: spending so much time on the layout of the site and not trying hard enough on the writing.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, so I am nervous about the amount of work I have ahead of me.


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