Many  in Sweetland’s program intend on using the minor as a supplement to their major. Writing is an important skill for any career, so having a certification proves valuable. However, writing isn’t a supplement to my career; it is my career. After a year and a half of stumbling through majors, I faced the realization that writing is what I love, and regardless of the small job field, I wanted to be a columnist. So when I came across the e-portfolio project, I immediately knew my audience: perspective employers. I want to make a blog that would impress employers enough to help me get hired.

I have a grip on my audience, but, this leads to a question: how do I most effectively appeal to my audience? In other words, how do I get my reader’s experience to most effectively portray myself and my work?

I asked this question to myself as I played with wordpress tonight. Sifting through the themes, I stumbled upon a theme literally titled “the columnist.” I can only express my excitement through a series of gifs. It’s exactly what I need. It provides the perfect setup, having a layout with pages center format. There’s even space beneath the pages where the reader can see a short synopsis of the post. In essence, using the page  layout, the reader can quickly assess my writings and read the ones they find interesting.

That wasn’t so hard. Essentially, I stumbled upon my answer to how I want my audience to see my work. However, with picking a theme already designed for columnists, I started questioning how my individuality would shine through. I don’t want to just show my writing abilities; I want to stand out.

First off, within each page set up is a place for images. Therefore, when I group columns together under a page layout, I can display them with an associated image. That’s a creative start. I can also add some impressive, aesthetically-pleasing background. But in thinking about using images solely to display my individuality, I still felt like I wasn’t being very creative.

But then I thought about how this blog functions for me as opposed to a typical blog. When I imagine a blog, I think of an extremely artsy, semi-hipster page where the reader has a cool color format and an interesting bio–always stating they’re a “lover” of something, whether it’s chocolate, coffee, or sweaters. This isn’t what I need for this blog. I need something professional, grounded in its writing components. I need my writing to represent my personality. The non-column pieces need to show my personality. It’s the “Why I write” and the re-purposing projects that show my interests outside of journalism. And though these and unique pieces I write aren’t immediately what I’d imagine as showing of my personality, they’re what will give my employer a better sense of who I am.

One thought to “E-(professional)Portfolio”

  1. Wow, I have the same sentiments as you and it’s really awesome to know I’m not alone! Although I don’t want to be a journalist, I also want to go into a professional field that involves writing, so I want to make my portfolio appealing to employers. I think it’s awesome that you found a layout that geared toward your objective with the Eportfolio, and I really hope I stumble upon one as well.

    I really commend you for your understanding of what you want to do with the space you have. I find it so hard to “stand out” in such a competitive professional world. There’s so much pressure to differentiate ourselves from each other that it just seems like we’re losing site of who we actually are. I think the Eportfolio is an awesome place to showcase ourselves, without making it seem like we’re trying to hard or not being true to ourselves.

    In addition, I like your creative start using images and ascetically pleasing backgrounds. I think this will help attract employers to your page!

    Good luck!

    PS…nice GIFs

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