Formatting Idea for Final Project #rayray

Hey all,

So the project proposal has made me think I should post my possible formatting idea to see if I can get any responses or feedback on how successful you think it would be. For my project, I will be focusing on the murders of hundreds of women and girls in the border city of Juarez, Mexico. These murders have been occurring for decades with virtually no response from local or federal government, and there are almost no known suspects or concrete motives.

I was considering formatting my project as a magazine article or possibly an entire, short magazine. While the bare-bones prose of this project will be the guiding force, I do not feel I can adequately do this topic justice without including images and graphics related to the murders of Juarez. Many paintings and other art forms have been produced in response to the murders. The images of these artworks are extremely powerful without dramatizing the violence, and I think they will be essential to my project. By juxtaposing detailed text with powerful images side by side, I feel the format of a magazine will keep the reader engaged in a topic that otherwise might feel overwhelming.

Do you think this is a good idea?

If you’re going to be reading about a pretty upsetting (but important) topic, would a magazine format be more enticing as a reader?

Do you have any other formatting ideas that would be helpful for my particular topic?

Any answers to these questions or any other comments would be very appreciated! I’m not well skilled, nor am I knowledgeable, with pretty much any formats outside the standard paper so any creative thoughts would be great!

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