Freak Flags.

Everyone is their own weird. It’s really is beautiful, poetic thing, weirdness. It gives you color, energy, life. It gives you a soul to shared with the world, as weird as it may be.

I think this space, this Minor in Writing blog, should showcase more of our weirdness. We should let our freak flags fly. Walking through town, in the open spaces and crowded street corners we call our own, we carry our weird with us. Why not be who we are in the social performance of the World Wide Web? Too many times, I find myself annoyed that people are trying to filter their world, filter themselves to those  looking to know them.

I’ll start.

My weirdness is fully exposed in one situation: while playing Apples to Apples.

The ambient noises of coffee shops is incredibly soothing.

I love kombucha. (Google it.)

Minimal objects and clean. That is how I live.

A sauna sweat heals all.

I watch more wrestling than humanly healthy.

Snail mail is the best thing. Best, best thing. Send it more.

I always pick the handicapped bathroom stall in a public restroom because they don’t make me feel as claustrophobic.

Your turn. Let it fly.

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