Happiness Project Tweaking #RayRay

Hi everyone!

So I was thinking about my project a bit yesterday, and I came across a direction to take my project that I think may be more interesting than the previous direction I was going to take it. I am sure that my topic is Happiness, and I want to do a lot of research on this topic to start off. I’m going to be interviewing one of my Psychology professors to rack her brain for some interesting points to research, but beyond that, I have kind of a cool idea (I think). Before, I was going to use the University as a case study for how institutions like Michigan don’t foster a healthy, happy environment for their students due to the competitive nature of the school and the “I need XY&Z” to be successful, happy, etc. Instead, though, I think I want to use myself as the prime case study in whether or not you can actively change your happiness over the course of a month. I’ll have to research the various techniques that have been proven effective ways to improve day-to-day happiness, and I’ll log how I try to do these things and how it makes me feel everyday. I think this will be much more interesting for people to read, it’ll be more personal, and if it works, I can encourage people to try what I did! I’m hoping I can use a combo of proven ways to improve happiness along with some ideas of my own! I think I should keep a running blog of my day to day feelings to make it track-able over the course of the next month or so.




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