Happy Heart Week.

I love the heart of Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s the candy hearts telling you you’re magic, or celebrating all the best shades of pink, or your mom leaving sweets, new socks, and a stuff giraffe on the kitchen counter next to your powdered sugar-dusted blueberry pancakes in the morning, or you and your best friends making a public spectacle of just how single you all are and just how awesome you still think you are.

I love that there’s no love filter. I love that it’s socially acceptable — God forbid encouraged — to say how you feel. To tell people that they’ve touched your life. To be real in relationships, as real as we should be every day.

The human race needs to get over the notion that things are bigger than us and that our moments aren’t powerful enough to be acknowledged by lovers and strangers alike. We’ve just got to get past it. We don’t have a world of 6 billion that’s only changed by the lucky ones; we have 6 billion understandings of a world. If we can love just one, value even one, we change the whole thing. Let February 14 be the day. Eat the smooch-shaped sugar cookie, take one bite out of every single chocolate in the box, and make sure someone knows they are magic to you.

(And, of course, Disney does it again — “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.”)


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