Ideas for Project Production Plan

Hey all,

So I don’t know about you guys, but even though the PPP hasn’t yet been assigned, I’m stressing about it because I know it’s going to be really important in the long run with helping us stay on track. Usually when I plan to write a large paper or project, I just kind of figure out how to get everything done before the deadline, but I never sit down and write it out. That being said, I wanted to brainstorm for things I’ll want to make sure I have in my production plan and if anyone has ideas on things to add that would be really helpful!

Right now I know I’m going to need to set away time to do:

–research and annotated bibliographies

–research and practice on working with whatever format I settle on

–digging around campus to see if there are people I can interview for my topic

–outlining the ideas of my topic

–and actually taking the time to write out the prose of my project

Can anyone else think of things we should budget for our project that I haven’t put up yet??

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  1. I would make sure you give yourself some time to outline your project. Just write down on paper what you want to go where, what you want to ask from the interviewees, what pictures you want to use ect so that way you have some structure going into the assignment when it is finally time to write it as opposed to just sitting down with x amount of time and going for it.

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