If it’s stolen, is it genuine?

For Project II I am writing a blog post about “special event” cards. Recently it has come to my attention that not everyone writes their loved ones cards. This is a strange concept to me. Every single birthday and every single mothers/fathers day I find myself writing a card. Okay fine. Sometimes I skip out on my siblings birthday. But that is only because they care more about the presents.

While searching the web for a place to post my blog, I found an interesting website. It is a site dedicated to helping people write cards. The website provides people with word for word sentences to put into cards. While reading the suggested sentences three thoughts crossed my mind:

1) I cannot believe there is a website for this

2) AWKWARD! I use half of these sentences/phrases

3) Is a person’s card genuine if they found their sentences online?


Finding this article reinforced my revelation about writing “special events” cards. Not only do people not do it, but the people who do cannot necessarily do it alone.

Who writes cards to loved ones? Who uses websites for inspiration and help?

A little help from my friend.
A little help from my friend.

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