Illustrated Passages Microassignment #rayray

This is the article Maggie, Sami and I read:



I think this image sums up the emotion of the article we read. This image is an image of a two people after Hurricane Katrina. The article deals with a subject, assisted suicide, which from either point of view deals with feelings of grief and hopelessness. I think this photo also evokes the emotions of grief and hopelessness. In my heart, I think I’m pro-assisted suicide, but there are so many complications with the issue, I too sometimes feel hopeless when debating the issue because either option results in death and grief.


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  1. I think this is a beautiful image that does a fantastic job at illustrating the heartache aspect of the essay. Rather than focusing on the legalities at stake in this article I like how you focused on the emotions it evokes. I feel the same as you, I am pro-PAS, but regardless it is a sad situation. This picture, to me, demonstrates the damage it causes everyone. The house completely destroyed with the couple crying on the streets. I can not imagine anything more traumatic than losing a close loved one but I know that if it comes to it I would want them to have a choice as to how to end things.

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