Is a Project Idea Finally Starting To Emerge? #RayRay

Sup y’all,

Since I know you are all sitting at the edge of your seat, waiting for me to reveal what my final project is going to be, here is the big revelation! Drumroll, please…

First, a brief recap of how I came to this point. My project revolve around the fascination I’ve had since a child with diving completely and totally into books, TV shows, movies, etc. When I read a book, I disappear into the mind, characters, and setting of that alternative world. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl…I love being in those imaginary worlds. When I watch a TV show, I read every blog I can about it, read every TV recap, picture how I would react to those characters…you get the point. So I wanted to do something to explore this disappearance into different universes, a phenomenon that psychologists call Escapism.

My big concern was that I didn’t want my project to focus on the psychology of Escapism. More research, more boring prose? Yuck. So I’ve been thinking about ¬†how to be creative with this overwhelming idea, and here it is (now, the drumroll has reached a crescendo…)

I’m going to write a chapter (or more) of Harry Potter as if I were in the book! Picture yourself sitting at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall, listening to Dumbledore give an impassioned speech about Harry’s heroism in thwarting Voldemort from the Sorcerers Stone…what are you thinking? Jealous? Wishing Hermione would be hugging you, not Harry? Mad that Dumbledore clearly shows favoritism towards the Gryffindors? Relieved that Harry is your classmates and saved your school from epic chaos?

I don’t know yet if I’m going to write my own perspective (i.e. am I a student at Hogwarts?) or from the perspective of a random student J.K Rowling has created but the story isn’t focused on he/she(i.e. what is Cedric Diggory thinking as he goes through the maze in the Goblet of Fire?). Any suggestions? What do you guys think about this idea? How can I incorporate media into the project?


2 thoughts to “Is a Project Idea Finally Starting To Emerge? #RayRay”

  1. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ IT. I think you should write it in the perspective as if you were there. It allows you to be more creative because you don’t need to stick to the confines of a character that J.K has already created.

  2. Equally as excited as Margaret. Really gives new meaning to what we discussed in class like Paige’s (and my own) close character relationship to the Bridge to Terabithia.

    Not that my opinion means anything, but I think you should write yourself in like Margaret suggested. I think it would say more about you than would your characterization of a minor character that someone else created. Not sure where in the narrative you’d want to place yourself, would be super interesting to throw yourself in the midst of Voldemort’s uprising, but would be equally as interesting to write yourself into a ‘rather quiet’ time in HP’s tenure. You should be in hufflepuff house. Not for any particular reason based on your personality; I don’t know you well enough to make that kind of judgement. Hufflepuff is vastly underrepresented and clearly has the dankest name.

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