It’s Tough to Hit a Homerun if You Never Step Up to Bat

While researching sources for my second project, an exploration of the gender gap in the United States political landscape, I came across an intriguing article that had the following to say about women in politics:

While ongoing analysis of political wins show that female candidates are just as likely to win their races as men, they’re still much less likely to initiate a run. The Women’s Campaign Forum, a non-partisan nonprofit established to encourage more women to run for office, estimates that 50 percent fewer women than men consider running for office.

In the article, Why So Few Women in Politics? Ask Sandra Fluke., author Robin Marty continues to explain that a large reason why females are not equally represented in Congress is not because they cannot get elected – it’s because they do not run for election in the first place. After years of unequal representation, women feel as though they are not qualified, educated, or experienced enough to even consider running for public office.

Upon reading this article, the direction of my research took a bit of a turn. The original scope of my project was a bit broad; I intended to focus on female portrayal in Congress and explore why female candidates are not elected at the same rate as their male colleagues. Now that I realize this statement is not true, I will now focus on why the female population, as a whole, feels as though it should not and cannot run for public office.

This is an important message for women to hear because there are fewer examples of strong female players in politics than there of strong men. Furthermore, many of the women who make powerful moves are either not discussed by the media or criticized for their wardrobe choices (and what do men even know about fashion anyways? UGH). The goal for my article is to show women everywhere that they are just as capable as men of holding public office, the United States needs female voices in Congress, and women should consider running in more political elections. Because let me tell you, I think most of the women I know could do a pretty amazing job.

We need more victory pictures like this one. You go, Nancy Pelosi!
We need more victory pictures like this one. You go, Nancy Pelosi!

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