Just Write




Write because you want to, write because you need to

Write because you love to and write because it feeds you


Write whatever feels right, write the things you can’t say

Write the things that piss you off and write the things that make your day


Write about the ending, or how it all started

Or when the time came to leave her broken hearted


Write about the joy of life, write about how much you hate it

Write about your future wife, or that dude you always wish you dated


Write about cooking things, write about killing things

Write a bunch of books and things about a bunch of silly things


Write the things you want to share, write what lives within your brain

Write the who, the when, the where, and write the sun and write the rain


Write a movie with some words

Write what’s soothing, write what hurts


Write with your heart and all your might

All you need to do…..


is write

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