Looking at a past post.

I decided to look at an old post from last semester and see if I feel the same way about the subject as I used to. Obviously the first post that caught my eye was the Twilight post. Ohhh Twilight. Can we ever escape you. You have caused me so much loathing while I worked at the theaters during your release. You have caused me countless eye rolls every time I was forced to hear a “I hope she ends up with Jacob” from a nonreader. My old post is as follows

“I really have no clue how this though crossed my head as I’m sitting at my desk trying desperately to distract myself from my piles of homework and cluttered room. Normally in situations like this I find myself on Facebook or tumblr accounts. But regardless it has crossed my mind. I’m wondering if Twilight ruins lives because it creates unrealistic expectations for boyfriends. I feel like girls shouldn’t expect their boyfriends to be 100% perfect. Nobody has the perfect personality, body, family, and is dirty filthy rich. I wonder how many girls have broken up with their boyfriends citing reasons like, “you’re not my Edward”, “why can’t you love me like Edward loves Bella” Edward blah blah perfect blah. I actually remember the first time I saw Twilight in theaters. My three friends and I walked out talking about how our boyfriends sucked (Which in retrospect is true. They really were awful) but we only began talking about them because of just recently watching the movie. So is Twilight causing girls to have unrealistic expectations and thus setting them up for heartbreak when their realistic other falls short of Edward or  should guys get their act together and be more like Edward or get the boot?

If #teamEdward and/or #teamJacob starts trending on Twitter I will lose it. We all know she stays with Edward so whats the point of being team Jacob?!”



Twenty year old, gunner me had an odd perspective on life, clearly. The “now me” would respond to this post differently. First and foremost, if Twilight is causing people’s relationships to crumble, or even never start, it is one hundred million percent for the best. Twilight lolz lolz. Secondly, girls always have unrealistic expectations, as do guys, so that was sexist of me just to say Twilight causes unrealistic expectations in women’s minds. Shame on me. Thirdly, our former boyfriends were worse than awful and unfortunately/fortunately (depending on what type of mood I am in) they still are. Lastly, everyone needs to get their act together.

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