Looking at Other Multi-Media Projects…

The Olympics are a project in itself because it is a process of presenting and hosting people for a certain purpose. I wanted to see how other events were handling the process of completing their presentations, and thus their projects. Like my motive for looking at the Olympics, I wanted to look at something that was also happening currently. To me, looking at the process of completing a project tells a story: how the final project was completed, who was interested and whether or not it was successful.

I wanted to look at a time-lapse story that tells how New York Fashion Week is carried out. I chose New York Fashion Week because it is supposed to be starting next week and like the Olympics, it hosts many people from many countries. In the attached video, you will be able to see how New York Fashion Week runs throughout the week. The process of the entire project is captured by the lens of the New York Post to show how people are responding to the event.

The reason I chose a video was because it is a different, visual way of showing how a project is completed. This video inspired me to look at videos not just of the Olympic events, but of the process of completing the Olympic Village and how the audience is interacting within the host city.





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  1. That’s pretty cool and exciting. Thanks for sharing. This really shows how much work can go into a project and is also inspirational. It’s nice to see the process and the final results, it makes it all worth it and sends a message that you can tech the finish line.

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