Love and Loveliness

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and love and general loveliness, I have a list of things I love.  These things make me smile and laugh.  They make me feel wonder and awe and a deep contentment.  They make me curious and excited, reverent and warm to my core.  How could I tire of things that make me so very happy?  God is good.  The world is incredible.  These are some of my favorite blessings.

Elephants- What’s the point of going to the zoo if the elephants aren’t out?

My mom’s smile- It’s the greatest smile out there.

Brightly colored vegetables- Really all vegetables.  Brussel sprouts turn a beautiful, glowing green when they are cooked (honestly!).  I get sick of almost any food if I eat it often enough but clean, fresh, colorful vegetables?  No.  They just make me feel good.

Tea- What’s not to like about tea?  It’s so dang refreshing and there are so many varieties to try.

Peanut butter- I temporarily lose interest (after I’ve eaten way too much) but I always go back.  I can’t stay away.

An enthralling book- I just finished Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent.  I actually woke up early so I could spend hours reading and still get some work done.

Old Catholic churches- I have a thing for them.  This I inherited from my mother.  Along with this, I’ll add cemeteries.

White picket fences- I will always be a Kentucky girl.


A few more things I think can stand without explanation:

The Ann Arbor Arboretum

My own bed

Care packages

Red wine

Neatly organized notes and school materials



Green trees

Country music

Classic clothing styles


Vibrant carrots contributed to wonderful muffins

Vibrant carrots contributed to wonderful muffins

What’s your list?  Comment below!


One thought to “Love and Loveliness”

  1. Bethany – I love the subtle alliteration in the first sentence and the overall happy tone of this piece. You did a nice job of expressing your enthusiasm while sounding completely genuine at the same time, which can be difficult to accomplish. My favorite example of this is when you say: “My mom’s smile – It’s the greatest smile out there.” The sincerity and openness of this post are quite refreshing. Nice job!

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