Major Project – Repurposing

I’ve had a certain poem in mind pretty much since this assignment was explained to the class. I will be using the poem I read in the first round of the poetry slam I talked about last time. I’m not sure how much I explained it in that post but it’s a goofy piece about a kid volunteering at his local elementary school who gets hit on by one of the teachers. I knew right away I could take this in a bunch of different directions. For this first part of the project I think I’m going to turn the poem into a short story. The poem itself already tells a story though so I’ve got to put a twist on it. I’m thinking a vampire story. The teacher is going to turn out to be a bloodthirsty seductress out to suck blood from the young man. The school environment will definitely be something I want to keep in the story because she obviously will have to keep her secret safe around the kids as she tries to get the boy alone. Anyway, that’s my plan for this first repurposing. For the next one I’m thinking… a musical? We’ll be in touch.

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