My (P)Reflection

With my initial thoughts for this repurposing project came initial emotions of fear and initial feelings of stress. There seemed to be nothing in the recent past that I had written with either interest or pride. My papers for class have consisted of deep analyses of books, research on writing systems, and executive summaries on effective business strategies. None seemed to be remotely interesting to any other audience other than the professor who assigned such a topic (and even to them probably, these pieces of writing seemed quite dull). I don’t write for a paper or magazine, so I have no recent articles, and creative writing would require far more free time.

So after days of agonizing about this project (I mean I seriously considered creating a new piece of writing just to have something interesting to re-purpose), I decided on two potential pieces. One was 5-page analysis of the portrayals of Hamlet’s Ophelia in various depictions of the play as compared to the text. I was going to attempt to turn this into some kind of college-female driven piece about women’s portrayals of sexuality both in media and in actuality.

My second selection is the one I have decided to go with, and I have my peer group to thank for this. For my freshman year English 125 class we had to write a cultural analysis paper on some kind of new fad. This was the year Electronic Dance Music (EDM) was really starting to explode. Of course it had been around for a while, but it felt like this was becoming the most popular genre of music as opposed to just being popular with a very select crowd. However, in much of my research and personal observations I found a pretty decent correlation between EDM concerts and drug use. My paper was actually entitled EDM: Electronic Drugs Maybe? For those who have never attended one of these concerts, and to be honest I never have myself, pictures have led me to understand the scene as one of hypnotic light scenes and colorful (and usually scantily clad) costumes.

An EDM concert at Club Glow in Washington DC
An EDM concert at Club Glow in Washington DC

Based on this, I plan to re-purpose my cultural analysis research paper for a more fitting audience: the college population. It seems that so many of my friends are into this scene, that they could be intrigued by this study of mine. I think that since my original platform for this was just a dull paper, my new venue could be some sort of student publication or even just an unplaced article. I’m still having very serious troubles with the line between re-purposing and re-mediating, so I know there are many more ideas for this piece that I’m bound to come up with eventually. But as for now, my creativity hasn’t spanned that far. I do know however, that I would even like to interview many of my peers on the subject matter.

My purpose of this project is to bring an understanding of this music scene to those who are not necessarily a part of it. I myself do not find the music calming or enjoyable, but I do adore most other genres of music and I love any type of concert, so I think my passion for music will ultimately help me appreciate this subject matter and hopefully gain more of a respect for it.  So though I still have fear, stress, and anxiety, I also have an excitement and a level of passion to bring to this re-purposing.

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  1. Amy, I also thought about creating a new piece in order to have something to repurpose! I’m glad we were both able to decide on something we already had created. With regards to your intended audience: I love it. I would ask about your target audience: are you trying to show them the merits of the EDM culture? Or are you trying to bring a more general awareness of the link between EDM concerts and drug use? If the latter, you might also consider targeting the EDM college population; but then again that would change the persuasive tone of your argument (and your argument itself). It will be interesting to see who you find to interview, because that might help you direct the tone of your argument. Especially because you can go into interviews without a 100%-defined idea of your argument!

  2. Amy,
    As a member of your group I’m glad you decided to go to with this. As a fan of EDM and concerts (although I have only been to two) I can definitely relate to your correlation between drug use and EDM shows. Like Rachel, I was wondering about the focus of your piece. I think it’s starting to become common knowledge in the college sphere about this connection. What new perspective will you bring to it?
    I would definitely recommend going to at least one show yourself to experience the buzz. After my first show last semester seeing Krewella in concert, you really understand why people enjoy them and not just for the drugs. Listening to EDM on shuffle on your computer is a whole different experience than seeing it live where you can dance with your friends or strangers to the loud, loud music.
    Maybe you can talk about why it’s just now becoming a phenomenon. Music and drugs have always had a connecting force (think Woodstock). What’s so special about today’s generation and EDM? Is it just a new rendition of hippie culture?
    I’d love to help you out with more if I can. I’m also really jealous that you have this piece to repurpose as I found it difficult to find something of my own writing I’m passionate about.

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