My Self References and MIW Project#RayRay

Self References:

  1. I am like the worker ant that carries 10-times his body weight for the better of the colony.
  2. I am the type of person who always chooses family over anything else.
  3. I am the type to embrace a puzzle. Especially, when it is about business.
  4. In college, I feel like I’m constantly running on a treadmill that is set a notch too fast.
  5. I am the type of person who loves to get lost in music.
  6. I am one who tends to focus on the entire forest rather than a particular tree.
  7. I believe in hard work.
  8. I am a person who always looks for the answers even when there doesn’t appear to be any.

Project Resources: (Note: My project details the rise and fall of the start up Better Place, a company with a mission to end the world’s dependence on motor oil by developing a network of electric cars and battery switching stations. After describing Better Place, I will try to address whether companies in the free-market economy are the best way to solve multi-faceted issues such as freeing the world from its dependence on oil. The alternate hypothesis, of course, is government intervention to solve the world’s most pressing issues.)

  1. Investor reports (by PrivCo)
  2. US Energy Statistics
  3. Better Place Website
  4. BusinessWeek Magazine
  5. Wired Magazine
  6. ERB Institute at the University of Michigan
  7. Website detailing financial backers
  8. Interviews with professors at the Ross School of Business
  9. Interviews & articles published in newspapers

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