Pre-reflection on Re-purposing

When I first read the prompt for our “Why I Write” essay, I had an answer, but wanted to push myself (likely with our second prompt in mind) to do something more creative than the self-reflective writing assignments I’d done in the past. What I found, though, was that I may have jumped the gun. My first paper manifested itself in the form of a series of journal entries that chronicles my experience with bullying in the fifth grade. It concluded with a short letter dated from 2014, a way to say that I write because of the past events.

Because my piece was already “repurposed” in the sense that it serves as a statement of my writing in a new format and for a different audience, I am having a difficult time moving forward with something innovative and entirely different piece. Much of the work I would like to have repurposed was on my computer before it was completely wiped of its files, deleting an entire year worth of college writing, including papers from English 125 that were creative in nature. There was this one personal essay about my horrific (I mean literally the world’s worst, I challenge anyone to match the torture that was my freshman year at the University of Michigan) roommate that was absolutely marvelous and hilarious. There was also a creative research piece that took me through my grandfather’s early life. So while I am passionate about repurposing my “Why I Write” essay — I intend to pull out the letter and make that into something much more fleshed out, with the final intention of creating a campaign — I am struggling with finding similar inspiration to our first project.

My other thoughts include writing a series of “Why I” letters or statements, that might include anything from Why I Love Sports to Why I Work Out to Why I Lie or things like that (much like Why I Blog. I believe that a series of self-reflective pieces might help me to reach a wider audience but also may a nice theme for a Eportfolio down the road. It might become a series of tweets or even a more powerful campaign (something different than bullying, but a campaign nonetheless) that incorporates multimedia pieces.

I was so interested by all of the things my classmates suggested for their upcoming projects, and even more intimidated by the technology involved in creating these magnificent pieces. I am hopeful that my Microsoft Word and poor picture taking ability will suffice…

For the moment, I am sitting in lecture thinking about the answer “Why I Go To Class.”

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