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I had a great meeting with Julie yesterday and I feel a lot better about my project idea. I’m looking forward to getting started!

For my project, I wanted to find something very personal to explore while also using my Organizational Studies background in an intensive way. With that, I decided to do a mini consulting project with my family business. My family owns a meat market in Detroit’s Eastern Market area. In the past year, my parents have been very stressed and overwhelmed with other obligations (family sickness, etc.) as well as the business itself.

For my project, I’d like to find 2-3 quick and efficient improvements that they could make in the business in order to reduce their stress level at work and at home. I find that I’m in a very interesting spot: my parents both were not able to go to college but they are extremely hard workers and entrepreneurs. We are able to live comfortably but only because of their blue collar work ethic. I have worked there all my life, I’ve been raised with those values and identify with the to this day.

…..but they also tend to get stuck in their ways. Sometimes their too busy to think about the logistics of their business. New technology is overwhelming. They’re making money and don’t want to sit down and think of different ways to make their jobs easier because there is so much on their minds already.

That’s where I hope my OS background can help. I get frustrated with college students my age who study business and want to be a consultant right away, thinking they know everything there is to know. They’re wrong. Experience is invaluable, and it happens to be something that I have.

My goal is to use my entrepreneurial, hard working spirit with my education from one of the top public universities in the nation and help my family.

I will conduct interviews with my parents and employees and use literature from my classes as research. I am not sure how exactly my project will take format yet because I do not know what I’ll be creating/fixing for them. Looking forward to finding out though!



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  1. As we talked about in class, I think you have a great opportunity here to combine what you’ve learned from organizational studies with your family’s business. I’m interested to see if you will be conducting the video interviews with your parents as you mentioned, and whether they will be receptive to your new approaches!

  2. That sounds really exciting. It’s great that you are doing something so meaningful that will last even when this class is over. This is a really great idea and I hope your parents are able to take the time to listen and be open to change.

  3. I am happy that you have narrowed down your project into something you are very interested in! I think you are off to a great start, and you seem do have a very good direction of what you want the final outcome to look like. I think your implementation plans will be very interesting, but you also have tied their day job to your family life. Do you have siblings/cousins etc affected by their job too that you could interview to support your point? Good luck!

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