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Hi Everyone!

As the due date for our evolution essays quickly approaches (along with spring break), I am beginning to experience some stress thinking about the looming, monstrous project that we will need to complete by April 14th (oy). As Ray so gently reminded us at the end of class on Monday, we will have essentially one month to complete these projects when we return from spring break.

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same stress, and what your plans to tackle it are.  I plan to start with tackling my production plan layout, as I think this is a good first step towards figuring out what in the world my project will be composed of.  But besides that, I am wondering what your first step will be in starting the project? What will you try to accomplish before we leave for spring break so we all don’t suffer from panic attacks when we return?

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3 thoughts to “Project Stress #RayRay”

  1. I definitely think that having a production plan will make it feel more manageable, but I’m also just as stressed out! It’s hard to make a plan when you’re not sure what direction you want to head in!

  2. Jordddd,

    You definitely aren’t alone!! The most challenging part of this class, at least thus far (and not including the seemingly insurmountable amount of points we need), is the forward thinking that these essays and projects entail. I have a feeling that once we all get writing…and not just TALKING about writing…we will feel much more comfortable about what we are doing.

    As far as the next steps, I think a good thing to do and what I am going to do, is to do a number of the micro assignments that are geared towards helping generate ideas our final project. Sitting in a room by myself and thinking about the project does nothing but stress me out. I’m hoping that doing these micro assignments will organize some of the thoughts bouncing around my head and clear things up for both the project plan and my personal sanity!

  3. I am feeling this stress!!! It is alot to handle. Especially with al the points we must somehow obtain. Over spring break I will most likely not touch a single thing for this class because I have two midterms the week we get back. But after those midterms I am going to be cranking out this project. I just feel like this semester is going by rather quickly and I can not keep up.

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