Queen Bey #RAYRAY

Hey guys!  I wanted to use this post as a way to organize my own thoughts about my final project and to also ask for your advice about some different media sources that you think would be most effective.  I am analyzing and creating a timeline of women in entertainment over time, ending with Beyonce as the current female icon that I will ultimately focus on for the majority of the project.  My main goal is to explore whether Beyonce is a positive female role model of empowerment and sexual representation, or if she is hurting the feminist project by being too sexual or by being seen as a sexual object of men.  I want to track the responses to her new album and kind of pit them against each other to reveal something new about how we react and absorb entertainment and media and how these types of women affect the way “normal” women view their roles in our culture.  A lot of my project will be YouTube videos, clips of Beyonce’s songs, and speech/commentary about the history of women in entertainment and Beyonce herself.  I have been thinking of using iMovie to be able to cut and assemble different media sources from several different places (YouTube, iTunes, etc.).  Does anyone know of a more effective or easier way to do this?  I have never made anything like this before, but I think if I find a program that is easy enough to teach myself then it won’t be too hard because I am not necessarily creating a movie from scratch, rather I am essentially copying and pasting videos that are already made.  Thanks for any advice you guys have!  Good luck!2_gif

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  1. I think that iMovie is very easy to use, this is coming from someone who still can’t quiet figure out how to get Siri to just do what I ask. Also, just out of curiosity, are you planning on talking about her song “Single Ladies”, and if so how do you feel about it. At first I felt like the song was positive to the feminist movement but now I am not so sure.

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