Re-purposing “The Ring”

When our group got together, we talked about the possibilities of our re-purposing projects. Now while I had a couple ideas, I particularly wanted to change up my eight page paper on the symbolism and meaning behind the ring. It was something that was interesting to me and I could see how it could be re-purposed into a magazine article whereas I had no vision for my other idea, which was my paper on how children’s books have deeper, greater meanings. And as I talked with my group, they gave me a good idea about changing it to a magazine article for feminists or older women. This was interesting because originally I had an idea to do it for a  teen article like Seventeen. But as I thought more about it, I realized that it was too big and great of a topic that it would seem unsatisfactory to just casualize it into a teen girl article. I wanted to add the history and the implications and culture that had come with the ring. Which was why I decided to cater it to a different audience-an older, more educated audience such as educated, feminist women in their twenties or thirties.

The eight page paper I had written was written in a Lloyd Hall Scholars English class where we had to take one ordinary object and describe its wide spectrum of meaning to show how one simple thing could have infinite meaning behind it. It was written like a typical college paper with a thesis and was organized with paragraphs and such. But I plan to re-purpose it by adding visual media in my article. I also hope to change my tone, giving it a more personal narrative structure to portray the article as a discussion between my readers and I. This way, I can also add my opinions and experiences with the ring and how I view it in society. Since the article would be written for educated, college women, I would be able to talk about feminism and how the ring has a sexist history. I want to talk about the implications of the ring based on its interesting history.

Personally, this project is much more interesting to me than my other possibility. I wouldn’t have known what to do with my children’s book idea because the essay was on The Lorax and how it’s underlying meaning was on global warming. I thought of a possible article on Reader’s Digest that would maybe talk about how children’s books these days have a lot more deeper, adult geared topics that might fly over children’s heads. I could have written an opinion article discussing whether or not it was unnecessary  for authors to put deeper, underlying meanings in children’s books and whether or not that was effective. But that didn’t seem as interesting to me, and I didn’t really know what audience I would be writing to either since it talks about children’s books from an adult perspective. So instead of going with my Lorax essay, I decided to go for the topic I was more interested in. After all, we’re going to have to come back to it again when we re-mediate it.

2 thoughts to “Re-purposing “The Ring””

  1. Rachel, I think discussing the symbolism and history of rings with an educated female, feminist perspective will be really interesting. I’m curious to see what type of visual media you will add. When you mentioned that component in your post, I immediately thought of how magazines always have a ton of photos of celebrity’s new engagement ring. I think you will have plenty to work with because so much of the idea of a ring is visual, both what it looks like and what people can assume by seeing one. Good luck!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Some neat things going on here. I’m loving your idea of changing up the audience and also incorporating the idea of children’s books. However, I think that you could face challenges in connecting the children’s books topic fully in a piece targeted at feminist women. Perhaps you could include the story in Parents magazine, and entitle it something like “What You Don’t Know Is In Your Children’s Books”. Or, it could be in a feminist magazine, targeted towards feminist mothers! It could be something like “Why You May Want to Reconsider What Books You’re Reading Your Kids”. Just some random thoughts. Excited to see where you go with this!

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