Real Time Loud Neighbor Convo #RayRay

At this point in the semester I am blogging for points and am so concerned about points I am going to real time blog about my apartment neighbor (who shares a living room wall with my room wall) and her clueless friend because I have no clue what else to speak about.

Back story: they always come over, sit in the living room and YELL about their guy issues.

Guy issues for neighbor: he dumped her forever ago, she likes him, he makes excuses not to see her except for reallllly late at night

Guy issues for red headed friend: he won’t hangout with her but hangs out with other girls (they are not even dating)

They sit in the living room and complain about their respective guys. I sit here and type this because I think it is entertaining. We have told my neighbor multiple times that he is not into her. We have told her friends multiple times as well. Yet they still refuse to believe. I. Do. Not. Understand.

It is like they want to keep getting hurt just for the thrill of some excitement in life. If this night is like others before they will sit on the couch, continuing to scream, drink three beers, claims to be “wasted” and drunk text the guys. They will go then and see the guys and think that everything is fine. * little budding hearts surrounding the two couples*


This brings me to a very important life question. Is ignorance bliss?

I will go ask them.

neighbor: “NO! I would rather know than just think I know and live under that lie”

red headed friend: “yeah I totally agree. People who say yes don’t understand I think”


This leads me to the conclusion that yes. Yes, ignorance is bliss.


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