Reflecting on Maria Cotera #RayRay

It was a wonderful experience to hear Maria Cotera speak this week at Literati book store.  Maria is a professor of American Culture and Women’s studies here at the University of Michigan.  She has had so many interesting experiences and has worked on a variety of different research projects in the women’s studies fields. Specifically, she has focused on Chicana feminism due to her Mother’s work in that area.

The main lesson that I took away from Maria was to write about something that you have a passion for.  Almost all of her work has been in within areas that she is extremely passionate about learning about and sharing with others.  She argued that if you are writing about something that you are passionate about, it doesn’t even feel like work. I also found it very interesting when she said that for her, writing is primarily a communicative device.  She said the majority of writing she does in her life is for the purpose of communicating messages that she finds important and wants to share with others.  This made me really reflect on the reasons why I write and what messages I am most passionate about communicating and sharing with others.

Overall, it was a pleasure to have the chance to listen to Maria speak, and I am so glad I was able to attend!

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