Regretting Everything #RayRay

If you woke up one day and realized that you currently hate where you are in life, and got the opportunity to redo the past (assuming you are fifty) lets say 30-28 years of your life but could only change one thing, what would it be? Everyone’s responses about their fears in class today have me worried that I am getting old and may grow to regret life decisions. I am a type A and therefore over-analyze and worry about everything. My helicobacter pylori hate me.

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  1. Not sure if you’ve had Ray for gateway but he asked my cohort this very question. I wish it were not so easy to respond…but I had a minor incident with DPS in the dorms freshman year that ultimately resulted in some court ordered community service. I’ll leave it at that; but it wasn’t anything too bad (I’m not a criminal or anything… {said every criminal ever}). Anyways… I don’t regret my decision because of how it affected my life, although that is a minor regret, I made my choice and will live with it without losing a wink. Unfortunately I had to get my parents involved with the whole court and lawyer situation and I know it greatly affected them and undoubtedly changed their perception of me (even though they knew and reluctantly accepted the sorts of activities that I had been engaged in), the realities of the whole ordeal was stressful and annoying for them. Albeit this regret is somewhat selfish in the sense that I regret my decision only because it affected them, I’ll keep pretending I’m being altruistic in wanting to change the past. Short of murdering someone, I doubt you have too much to truly regret. But then again, I don’t know you thaaaat well…… 🙂

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Like you, I also worry about regretting life decisions. With graduation approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about the choices I’ve made and how they relate to what I am doing today. I guess the main thing I think about is how I follow my head or what my logic tells me to do rather than what my heart tells me (this is really cheesy I know). I am the type that would make a pro and con list and analyze it forever because I am terrified of making the wrong decision. Through the mistakes I’ve made, and the times that I’ve thought I regret something, what I regret is usually being too logical. Going against something that would make me feel happy and instead choosing what would be reasonable or look better on a resume. I’m still learning to be less logical, and its hard. But I think if you always take your emotions and gut instinct into consideration you will be less likely to regret a choice. There’s some saying about flipping a coin and the decision you should make is the one you are hoping for when it’s in the air…or something like that. 🙂


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