Book to Essay?

As of now, I think my topic for this repurposing project is a originally a book I co-authored in high school on this history of Hickory Hills, my local city-owned ski area, titled Light the Night. The book is over 100 pages and tells the personal stories of over eighty individuals who learned to ski and spent their childhoods at Hickory. Light the Night has a community focus and many overarching themes and eventually raised over $30,000 for the hill through book profits and community donations. The project sparked my interest in storytelling and service learning.

The audience for the book when it was published was community members and skiers nationwide who have experienced the unique spirit of Hickory. I plan to repurpose the book into a presentation on the writing process and the ultimate result that I can use to share my own story with young students in my hometown area. I hope to use this presentation to educate students on the steps I took when writing the book and the personal reward I have gotten from the project and how it has helped me as a student and writer.

I hope to repurpose the book into some kind of¬†educational essay about my experience through the difficult research and writing process and how I went through the process of interviewing, determining themes and telling others’ stories. Additionally, I want to address the process of establishing a non-profit organization and the community involvement in the book project. This experience really shaped me as a person and writer and I want to share the process with others interested in pursuing something similar. Eventually, I plan to remediate this project into a presentation on my experience writing Light the Night and how it prepared me for my future, encouraging young people to get involved in something they are passionate about and take risks in their work.

I still have to explore the possibilities of the educational medium further. I am interested in education in general and I think writing an educational piece will be a great experience given my combined interest in writing and education and my passion for the book project. I will be challenging myself and I think the piece I write could work into a form of curriculum for high school students on the service learning experience.

I am still working on the outline and ideas for my repurposing project (very flexible) and I am open to any comments and feedback!

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  1. Molly,

    Wow, it is so awesome that you wrote a book in high school! That must have been such an enriching experience and I can only imagine that countless work and time you had to put into it for it to be successful. Especially as a high school student, it’s really incredible.
    I think your idea to repurpose it is as an educational tool is equally cool. Not many kids today would think they even have the potential to write a book especially with their busy schedules of schoolwork and often athletics. Not only is the length of a book daunting to high school students, but I think the writing itself too.
    One of the main themes I suggest you focus on is write what you know. Since you grew up in Hickory you had really great access to the people and places you wanted to explore and uncover. Kids might be more encouraged to write with the idea that they could focus on something in their lives that they’re passionate about and is accessible to them.
    Super jealous about your book!

  2. Coming from the perspective of someone who is doing something similar, I think this idea could turn out really well! I think that breaking it down and making it shorter and more accessible will make it even better for a wider audience. I also think that further down teh line, you could even potentially make some sort of multimedia presentation related to it that could serve as a type of commercial…just an idea! I think you picked a great piece to repurpose and look forward to seeing what you end up doing with it!!

  3. First of all, congratulations to you for writing a book in high school. I had neither the maturity nor the patience for that. Secondly, I think you have a great idea here. The ways you plan on repurposing and remediating are dynamic and interesting. It seems like your plan is linear in that it is well planned but also flexible enough that your plan could be altered if need be. I’m looking forward to seeing how you finish it!

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