“Say What You Need To Say”- John Mayer

For my repurposing project, I am taking inspiration from a note I found tucked in a textbook of mine one day reading, “Did you know that I love you?”  This small piece of paper with seven short words struck me in a way that no text message or email of the same length could do.  Because of the tangibility of the note and the rarity of such things in the highly technological world we now live in, I wanted to create a space in which small messages like could be preserved and celebrated.

When setting out on my research journey, I first turned to the one source that immediately inhabited my mind when thinking about the project: Postsecret.  I am sure most of you know what this site is, but in case you don’t, here it is: Postsecret is a website which accepts submissions of post cards with messages written on them.  These messages cover everything, literally ranging from confessions about pooping to confessions of suicide attempts. Images of these post cards are then pasted on the screen of the website for viewers to scroll through.  Here is a link if you are curious to see more.

While Postsecret is the site I found myself browsing originally, I later found another site with a similar idea that was more along the lines of my goals for my project.  This site is called Cardboard Love. This one utilizes small pieces of cardboard for the medium of the message, and again accepts submissions of notes that people intend for another person.   This site gave me a lot of encouragement that other projects like this could exist on the web, because I thought Postsecret had the market on the web and no other similar sites would be able to thrive.  

While my research has only just begun, I am confident of my path after finding sites like these.  And if you have a burning message that you just need to have published ASAP, keep your eyes peeled and I’ll have you covered.

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