Seeing Me For Who I Am and Project References #RayRay

Connecting this (me)…

-I like to observe everything before reacting, careful to make my one and only shot count.

-I’m anxious for others to know my name but am constantly toeing the line between self-promotion and being humble

I’m like the lion roaring in the distance, hoping to scare others off before they encroach on my territory.

-I don’t want to let other people down, only showing my good side without letting on to the ugliness that’s just a turn of the cheek away.

-I preach patience yet am easily frustrated when success doesn’t come as quickly as I would like.

-I would rather turn away from a meaningless debate than engage in an argument to prove my point.

-I enjoy listening to others; I live in my own head 24/7—its nice to hear from others

With this (my project)…

-Harry Potter 1-7

-Sons of Anarchy

-The Truman Show

-Game of Thrones

-Psychology Textbooks (don’t know specifically which ones)

-Dan Brown novels

-Call of Duty



What does it mean?

Honestly, I don’t really know…yet. My project–writing myself into the world of Harry Potter as if I were living in it–speaks to the project references in the sense that many of them revolve around seeing things from a certain point of view. Whether you are Robert Langdon in Dan Brown novels or scrolling through social media, you see things from different perspectives, things that ultimately end up influencing how you experience something. The qualities listed above, I guess, are things that I will try to emote during my writing of the project in order to get the readers to see things from my perspective.

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