Self Claims and Project Examples

So to be honest, I am really not sure how much sense this will make in terms of correlation…but here’s what I’ve got:

Self Claims:

  • I am like a “mother figure” to everyone that I love
  • I am a friend that you can always count on
  • I am determined to find a way to make a difference
  • I am openly obsessed with food (especially chocolate)
  • I am always looking for more opportunities to laugh

My project will be in the form of a pitch for a new reality TV show about the launch and management of new restaurants.  Specifically, the pilot episode I will pitch will deal with the launch of a new restaurant concept in Detroit.  Here are a few Concrete examples I think will be useful for my project:

  • Business plan for restaurant in Detroit and for Frita Batidos
  • Interviews with chef/owners of restaurant in Detroit and Frita
  • Layout/structural plan of restaurants
  • Menu concept planning from restaurants
  • Episodes of Restaurant Impossible from Food Network
  • Episodes of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives from Food Network
  • List of TV Networks (current shows and genres)
  • Interviews with local Detroit residents
  • Interviews with Detroit area experts/real estate

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