Self Claims and Referential Items for Capstone Project

I was a tad-bit overtired due to an exam early this morning and was feeling more than my average insurmountable stress and anxiety about the future, so some my self claims are a bit dark…

-I distract/numb myself to avoid realities of life (in reference to foods, stimulants, and copious TV)
-I’m good at asking myself philosophical questions but not good at answering them (doesn’t help that I’m in a philosophy course and a theological examination of Islam – conflicted about theology/life on a daily basis)
-I value my intelligence
-I can’t help feeling intellectually superior to others against all logic of equality (didn’t know other ppl would see this)
-I am looked up to by others, but am not sure why
-I doubt myself all the time; I doubt my knowledge of things
-I am agnostic (about religion and about all facets of life, anyone that claims fundamental knowledge of something is lying or a narcissist)
-I like watching things (mostly TV/movies, but sometimes ppl too…I’m always watching)
-I prefer sedentary activities (some call my lazy, others call me lazy too)

My attempt at a glorious metaphor didn’t really pan out, sorry Ray.  I wanted to have something along the lines of relating myself to the socratic method, in that whenever I make a discovery or have a revelation it is merely replaced by more confounding questions as opposed to a concrete answer.  (maybe I just did it…)

LIST 2: Quick FYI: my project seems like its going to be a pitch for a TV comedy show about a gang in the Great Depression. Cause what’s funnier than America’s most depressing era? The focus of my references are geared around analyzing other TV/narrative structures in popculture that are effective or ineffective, as well as highlighting some fundamental elements of the Great Depression that I find hysterical (like famine and corruption):

It’s Always Sunny
Boardwalk Empire
Great Depression/Financial trouble
Racial Disparity
Wealth Disparity
Game of Thrones
Corruption of Government/Authority
Desire for power
South Park
Monty Python
Arrested Development
Harry Potter

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  1. Hahahahhahahaha. I am curious as to how Harry Potter made the list. I think your project proposal sounds like a really cool idea! Do you know what format you are going to do it in? All print? Pictures, video clips ect. Also I don’t think that you need to worry about your lists matching up because you can most defiantly see your personality traits carry over into your project.

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