Self Claims Correlation

After writing a list of 8 self-claims, I chuckle realizing that very few people will actually understand exactly what I’m getting at. But the hope is that you will understand some piece of me.

I was then unexpectedly asked to write a list of examples that could be used for my final Capstone project. I wrote them on the same page but thought little of their relation.

Well. Apparently there should be  some correlation between them. And that is me. 

The problem I’m having is that I know why I choose the 10 examples I could use for my project. And I know how the list of 8 self claims describes me. But they are a different aspects of me.

You see, I am a complex person and I think I’m allowed to be.

So here are the lists:

What am I? – Self Claims

  1. I’m the receptionist that will look at you like a bug if you don’t ask me how my day is.
  2. I’m the tooth that doesn’t want to be brushed everyday.
  3. I’m the bubble that will pop unless I am followed.
  4. I’m the microphone on center stage.
  5. I’m that old radio that randomly turns on at obscure hours.
  6. I’m the energizer bunny with irreplaceable batteries.
  7. My words are like the sways of a grandmothers rocking chair.
  8. I’m the garbage disposal for leftovers.

Concrete examples for Project

  1. Argument with James in Jojo’s family room.
  2. When I realized that all norms are socially constructed.
  3. When I learned why the Chinese were not hired for other jobs and were forced out of America.
  4. When I did the privilege walk.
  5. When I read my testimonial out loud and stated how I view the people of color in my Gran Gran’s neighborhood.
  6. When I read that book in the library that said that America is not accepting of difference.
  7. When I realized there is a hierarchy of all difference.
  8. The way people make assumptions about an entire race but don’t call themselves racist.
  9. The way women refuse gender oppression but believe they need to be skinnier according to the media.
  10. 10. The way men think they are benefitting from their societal power but punch holes in walls when they finally release emotion.

I can see where some overlap but it is a bit of a stretch. So I guess let me know if you seen any correlation. In the meantime, I plan to browse through the rest of yours and see what you found.

Enjoy trying to figure me out through a list of 18 things that interest/describe me 🙂

If you read this far, I’m incredibly impressed. I have never met someone so invested in a classmate. And for that, I truly appreciate you. THANKS!


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