Self-Claims/Project Tags

My Personality List:

  • I’m cynical but not hopeless
  • I value integrity, honesty, passion for things you care about
  • I’m very loyal to people in my life but can also cut people out of my life if I need to
  • I value my intelligence
  • I’m better at breaking up with people than being broken up with, I want to get the first hit if I know there’s going to be a fight
  • I tend to bury some emotions when I don’t want to deal with them
  • I have empathy for those who are often overlooked by society
  • I try not to make assumptions about people who are easily written off
  • I value moral integrity of others and of myself, but sometimes I fear I’ll make a bad judgment decision and not be able to live up to my own standards
  • I’m easily irritated by certain habits people have
  • I’m a mama bear


References related by Project:

–bad American horror movies

–machismo stereotype

–dia de los muertos

–Grassroots movements by victims’ families



–justice (or lack thereof)

–Governmental corruption

–Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Mexican, Man on Fire, Traffic, Savages, El Gringo, We’re the Millers, The Counselor (set around Juarez border—no mention of the murders)

–Weeds, Breaking Bad

–masked murderer

Some bullet points on these two lists correspond with each other more than others. From my list, it’s easy to see that I’m passionate about justice, especially for people who have been under-served or forgotten by society. So my reasons for choosing my topic are pretty clear. It was harder to come up with a references list for my project because the Juarez murders have not been covered in our pop culture the way Mexican cartels/drug violence has been (which is something I plan to talk about in my project).

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