Something called a fast metabolism


My valentine
My valentine

People with a fast metabolism,

if you lost that gene you’d wish for an atavism.

As Valentine’s Day approaches,

the chocolate on the Walgreen’s shelves encroaches.

I just want to buy shampoo,

but the chocolate makes me cry boohoo.

If I had a fast metabolism I would eat everything I see,

I would eat like a cow and feel oh so free.

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate,

I could eat it until my jeans did not fit.

Friday I will go to dinner with friends,

if I treat myself dessert depends.

I hate you, I hate you, and I hate you.

But chocolate, if I could, I would date you.


Roses are red,

violets are blue.

I wish I could be a cow,

that constantly bellows moo.

One thought to “Something called a fast metabolism”

  1. Hahahahhaha this is an amazing poem that sums up every feeling I have ever had about dessert foods ever. Hence, why I hate it when people give me chocolate on Valentines Day. Yes I love chocolate, but I also hate it. Some people just don’t understand.

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