Tackling the Project Proposal #RayRay

Hey everyone!

So, I have begun the process of tackling my project proposal for this week.  After thinking about it for quite some time, I have decided that I am definitely committed to my project topic.  As Ray continued to ask us whether or not we think we can happily write about our topics for the entire semester, I have thankfully come to the conclusion that I can!

For my project, I have decided to combine two of my original ideas.   I have always loved food.  I absolutely love to cook and I am constantly looking for new recipes and new restaurants to try, so I definitely knew I wanted to somehow include food in my project. I have always dreamed of opening up my own restaurant someday, so this seems like the perfect opportunity for me to learn the process of what it takes to create my own business plan through writing.  In addition, last summer I worked for a talent agent at William Morris Endeavors.  I worked in the non-scripted TV department, and had exposure to many different shows and concepts.  So my idea to combine the two is to develop a pitch for a new reality TV show that is about developing, launching, and managing restaurants.  The show can eventually cover the launch of restaurants nation-wide, but I will write a pitch for the pilot episode about the launch of a new restaurant concept in Detroit, Michigan.  This will allow me to use my experience from WME to write a Television pitch, as well as learn to write a business proposal for the launch of a new restaurant which is something that I am very interested in.

I would like to do research in order to develop a plausible restaurant concept to launch in downtown Detroit.  Over my four years at the University of Michigan, I have become fascinated with the city of Detroit and its current attempt for revitalization.  I believe that a hip and urban restaurant with the correct business plan would do very well in Detroit and help efforts to revitalize the city.  I would like to create a business plan that includes a restaurant concept overview, a market study (including demographics and location analysis), a plan to raise capital, a plan to hire employees, a marketing and promotion strategy, and an operations plan.

In writing my project proposal, I am still struggling with the best angle for me to take on the “justification” section.  I think there are a few different perspectives that could work, but I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts based on my general topic! Thank you and good luck with proposals!



3 thoughts to “Tackling the Project Proposal #RayRay”

  1. Jordan,

    This is such an awesome idea – I never would have thought of something like that for my own project and I think you’re already off to a great start. For the justification section, I think that the reasons why it’s important to write about this is already built into the main idea. Ray wrote that you need to describe the “intellectual and social significance of the context,” and even throughout this blog post you have convinced me why this project is important. I think that you could describe its significance on a bunch of different levels. Not only will is it important to your own intellectual growth (learning how to write a business plan, how to apply this information to the real world, resarching several different topics and incorporating them together for a larger purpose, etc.), but it could provide some great insight on the revitalization of Detroit, which is obviously incredibly socially significant. Like I said, I think that the justifications for this project are already evident and built in, you just need to hone in on what you find to be most important! Great start! I can’t wait to see where you go with this really creative project. Good luck!

  2. Jordddd,

    I agree that this is an awesome idea. You really seem to be combining two distinct passions of yours, which is great. I also love food, and used to watch way too much reality TV, so we’re on the same page. I think Samantha made a very good point that a lot of your justification already seems to be embedded in your post. You are using this project as a platform to test what you learned in your internship, as well as trying to help aid Detroit. In addition, perhaps you can discuss what type of restaurants would be economically viable in a place like Detroit, and what types would not be. In order to turn things around and “bring Detroit back,” it is important that people understand how to best approach this massive challenge. It’s not as if anything can be built and will help attract new residents and stimulate economic growth. Rather, the right things need to be built, in the proper locations as well. If certain people do not understand these principles and how to best leverage their resources, than they might as well forget about saving Detroit as we once knew it. So maybe you can include some of those thoughts in your justification. Just some food for thought… slight pun intended. Bon Appetit.

  3. Jordan,

    SOOOO COOL! This is such a unique concept that I really think you are going to take off with it. I’m actually really jealous about the fact that you have a form–a TV pitch–already in mind. That’s the part that I’m really struggling with for my project and I think yours is quite creative and unique. There is also so much more that you can do with it–you write a script for the pilot episode (WWGFD-What Would Guy Fieri Do?), create a sample menu (text=writing), write a pitch to the city of Detroit on why your restaurant is important to the particular area of Detroit that you want your restaurant to go, and so much more. My only concern is that it might end up being too much to do BOTH a television pitch and a business plan. Maybe you want to focus on just one part or the other? Perhaps I’m wrong–I know nothing about business proposals and television pitches–but it’s something to keep in mind when you really start working. Can’t wait to see how it turns out over the course of the semester!

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