The Five (biggest) Reasons Ray Hates Me

1. I turn everything in late: Naturally this tendency would upset many professors. Unfortunately, I exacerbate this issue by turning assignments in only marginally late.  As of this moment, I have completed all required assignments.  That being said, I’d venture to say that about 75% or more of my work has been turned in within the range of one to twenty-four hours after the assigned due date/time.

2. I send Ray redundant emails asking about assignments: Whenever I have a question about the specifics of an assignment, I’m very quick to shoot Ray an email regarding the subject.  Unfortunately for Ray, I’m also very quick to double check all my resources (rechecking the syllabus/ctools assignments) only after inquiring.  This leads me to send a second email to Ray telling him to ignore the first.  Aside from blowing up his inbox, I cannot imagine the frustration of witnessing my repeated lack of precision in producing my work for this class.

3.  I began a majority of my ‘Initial Class Question responses’ with “UMMMM”: Loads of people do this, so I don’t feel all too guilty about this one.

4.  I ask off topic questions related to Ray’s personal life/interests: I like many of my classmates, probably find Ray & his quirks more interesting than the actual work I’m doing and producing.  As such, during many of his long monologues and instructional speeches my mind is wandering regarding personal information about Ray.  If he’s going to give us the opportunity to ask questions, I’m going to ask questions about stuff I’m interested in – namely Ray.

5. My Smiling Face:  Who could ever get mad at my cute, adorable, smiling face.  Cannot begin to imagine the  dissonance my actions cause in the resulting lack of ability to remain angry at me despite all my transgressions.


If I’ve learned anything in my semester and a half under Ray’s guidance, it’s the importance and worth of accepting and embracing oneself.  As such, I plan on doing my best to remedy some of these grievances. That being said, to some regard I need to accept the fact that I’m a huge procrastinator and quite charming – and if there’s a way I can use that to my advantage personally and professionally, I’m going to.

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  1. This is the most beautiful piece of writing I have had the pleasure of reading on the MiW Blog. Is there anyway you could possibly turn this into your project because I think all would truly TRULY enjoy this!!!!!!!!! Also, if you find out how to blend procrastination with professionalism please do share.

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