The Medium of my Message

I think what excites me most about my writing at this point in my life is my ability to no longer see my writing as just 3-7 sentence paragraphs and black and white pages. The mediums through which I can convey a message are more unique and tailored than ever before. I guess this falls under a similar category as employing new media in my writing, something I wish to explore as much as possible throughout the semester. Whether it’s by making a website, Tumblr page, videos, or BuzzFeed top ten lists, I always try to brainstorm all options before deciding what medium could best highlight a specific piece of my writing.

On this note, one of my favorite assignments during the Gateway Course was my re-purposing project. I took a traditional, argumentative essay on unpaid internships from my English 225 class – about 8 pages in length – and transformed it into a 500-word opinion-editorial piece intended for the Michigan Daily. Although challenging, I love how I was forced to re-examine the points of my past work, and determine the key components necessary to relay my argument to a wider, undergraduate audience.

I think it’s very important to embrace all of the different forms of writing that are now available to pretty much anyone with access to a computer and a desire to learn. So why not try and take a past essay you’ve written and turn it into a twitter news feed? Or what about taking recorded interviews and making a Prezi out of them? These types of transformations excite me.


3 thoughts to “The Medium of my Message”

  1. You bring up some really interesting ideas! I also find it really interesting and exciting that you are able to repurpose old pieces in so many different ways. That speaks to the advancements our society has made in terms of technology and social media. It is really exciting that you can spread the same idea across so many different mediums.

    You can definitely work with some of these ideas in your Writer’s evolution essay. Take your sources from various mediums and discuss the differences in how they were received. For example, what audience members were reached? Was it the right audience for those specific ideas?

  2. Alexis,

    I completely agree with Karly, your ideas are very interesting! I also find it exciting to completely transform a piece of writing into a new format or genre. Especially with all of the new types of writing available to us today with technology and social media, there are seemingly endless possibilities. I think you can definitely work some of these ideas and this type of writing into your project!

  3. Alexis, in addition to the re-purposing project of Writing 220, your post also brings to mind the re-mediation project. In a way, this was yet another transformation of an already-transformed project.

    What excites me about the capstone class, and I’m sure you as well, is that we have the opportunitiy to do both re-purposing and re-mediation within the same project. We’re starting off with a topic that interests us, putting it into argument form, and then coming up with a creative way to present it. Your project about social media in particular opens up endless possibilities in the re-mediation realm. I also like Karly’s suggestion about including this angle in your writer’s evolution essay as well.

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