The purpose behind the E-portfolio

I’ll be honest, its hard to think about a project that’s so far ahead. Especially when there are these two massive projects (ahem re-purposing, re-mediating) before me. But I’m actually super grateful that we have to do this. Because I have no idea what this E-portfolio of mine will look like. Or what it’s even for.

I mean, I know that its for our grade, but beyond that, I haven’t really started on what it will be to ME. I think the first two questions that we’re supposed to think about got me the most.

They are:

How do you want to present yourself as a writer?


Who is your ideal audience?

Now these two questions are difficult because they’re related. I can’t think about how I want to be presented without thinking about who I’m going to be presented to. But which factor do you let dictate the other? Ugh, the struggle is real. The thing is, I may not tangibly know how I want to be presented, but I do want to be presented in a creative, funky, unique manner. I want my website to emulate my character. Kind of like a blog site but more professional? But the problem is that my ideal audience will most likely be a corporate audience. Having an online portfolio is a very valuable thing. Nowadays, people also put in their site names as a part of their resume. It gives the recruiters a chance to see more of who they are and what skills they have. I mean, part of me thinks that’s why a lot of us chose to be writing minors, so that we can get a better chance in the work world. So which one do I pick? The creative, diary like portfolio that functions as a personal memoir of all my work OR the corporate one, in which I create a portfolio with a job recruiter in mind? It’s hard to choose.

I think the best way, would be to do both. Showing a recruiter a boring website would only shoo them away. Showing them the real me through my work will ensure that when they hire me, they would be hiring me because they like me for ME (kind of like dating, but not).

So back to the questions. I want to present myself as a versatile writer who uses her creativity to adapt to different types of writing. I want my portfolio to be very colorful and quirky that when a person reads my portfolio, they would instantly know from the visuals and the writing that it’s me. My ideal audiences are the people who will hire me, so that they can better a better sense of who I am and what I am capable of, but it will also be for myself as a memoir of what I’ve accomplished and everyone who is interested in reading my work. For the recruiters, it would be a way to tangibly see a part of my resume. For myself and those who are interested, it would give them a sense of how my writing developed and hopefully improved over the course of a semester.

For these specific purpose, I want my portfolio to have a design that is very classy, clean, but colorful. I want it to contain slightly odd and witty titles and tabs and for it to be filled with interesting and fun works of media that I have created. I want a variety of media, not just writing. There would be videos, music, pictures, anything that would reveal something about my character. Maybe that could be a potential theme of my portfolio? It would be like “putting together pieces of the puzzle” or something. Or maybe it could have a mirror theme where I “reflect” (sorry for the pun) on the past semester. I think having a broad theme to encompass it would be cool and helpful. Especially when I have to think about the layout and the design of the site.

What do you guys think? Should I have a theme or not? And is it smart to target the portfolio to both job recruiters and for people who just want to enjoy some good writing and media?

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  1. Hey Rachel!
    Can you just help me create my e-portoflio too!? It sounds like you and I have very similar goals for ours. I also want mine to be appropriate for corporate world in which I will inevitably be a part of, but quirky and unique enough to emulate my entire personality as a whole (which is extraordinarily far from stuffy and professional). I think you have some really great ideas for how to achieve that perfect balance of classy and vibrant.

    So, to answer your questions, I definitely think it is smart to target the portfolio for both recruiters and your peers. Any job recruiter would want to know how you interact with those around you (hence so many interviews being more behavioral than technical these days!) I also think having a theme would be awesome. As we talked about in class yesterday, it can really help pull the entire portfolio together and it would definitely add to the “clean” look and design you would want to maintain.

  2. I know what you mean about the difficulty of trying to find the balance between showing your personality, but being professional at the same time. You want the portfolio to be professional, but not hide who you are.

    I think you should definitely go for a theme because I think it gives the portfolio a more professional feel. It’s funny that you mention a theme of “putting together pieces of a puzzle” because I was thinking about doing something like that. Sort of, but it’s a work in progress. I like the idea of the “mirror” theme. It would be interesting to see how that would be reflected in terms of images.

    Having two different audiences can definitely work in the portfolio because I think most portfolios I have seen are like that. They want to reach a broad audience of potential clients (for photographers/artists) and impress and inspire their peers too.

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