Things to consider: Twitter

Because I had too much work to watch the State of the Union (I know, shame on me), I decided to read up on the main points in the New York TimesĀ the next morning. As I was about to close the paper, my eyes glanced over this article. In light of our “Why I Write” assignment (which I decided to write as a series of tweets), I thought this article was quite fitting. It spoke about how politicians (both Republicans and Democrats) were tweeting about the State of the Union, using hashtags like #SOTU and #SOTUinThreeWords. Because I use Twitter as a way to interact with my friends and engage socially, I thought it was absolutely wild that the social media platform was being used in this manner. Not only did I find it incredibly inappropriate, but some politicians were using it to make passive aggressive comments about what the President was saying. I don’t know if I’m being naive and this is what our world has turned to, but my question is: do you think it was appropriate of politicians to use Twitter in this manner and do you think that this is the direction our administration (and country) is heading?

Read the article (it’s pretty short) and let me know what you think! Would love to hear your comments/thoughts.

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