Thinking Outside Of The Box

I think one of the most interesting things I’ve taken away so far from working on the Capstone Project is how personal topics can be looked at (and written about) in an academic light. My Capstone Project topic stems from my personal social media use, but I will be analyzing it with a critical lens.

I believe this writing mixture will shape my Writers Evolution essay because I no longer have such strict boarders between different genres of writing. I think my best writing has been when I have been able to combine creative work with research and strategy. I think two main pieces of “evidence,” if you will, to show this progression will be the work I completed in my Argumentative Writing class and then also the Capstone Project.

Along those same lines, the Capstone Project has been a type of final hoorah in terms of “thinking outside of the box.” When entering college I would have never thought I would be writing papers on plastic surgery, or my nickname to name a few examples of my past essays for class.


One thought to “Thinking Outside Of The Box”

  1. Yes, I feel the same way. When I think of thinking outside the box, I think of being free to think and do something unique, whatever I want. In this case it applies to our project. The minor in writing showed me a side to writing I love, where I can do almost whatever I want and not be wrong.

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