Tiki Toki

For my comedy film Capstone project, some of my classmates gave me the idea of including an interactive timeline into my website. That way, I could establish the sex and sexuality changes that occurred in Comedy films from the 1950’s to the 2010’s! For my New Media Skill, i googled “interactive timeline creator” and played around with a few different websites. The one that seemed to most exciting and easy to use (so to speak) was Tiki Toki. During break, I will continue to play around with the website and hopefully create the base of my own timeline.

Alexis and I ran into a few issues when we first started to look around the website. We are not sure exactly what is available versus what is not available with the free account. We will mess around with it some more to get our answers.

I feel that the interactive timeline structure will really enhance the arguments I am trying to make with my Capstone project. It will be a really interesting and exciting way to display the information. Also, it will be a great way to keep the audience’s attention and get them involved in my presentation!

Take a look at this photo of a potential timeline made by Tiki Toki!


3 thoughts to “Tiki Toki”

  1. This is pretty cool, the name alone drew me in! I never heard of this or anything like it. This will be a great touch to your project and very unique. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karly, I think it’s kind of funny how the starting point for both our new technology skills was a vague search on Google. I guess I should hardly be surprised, but for me at least it usually indicates I have virtually no idea where to start. In my case, this approach backfired, as I wrote about in my blog entry. But in your case it sounds like you’ve come across a real gem in Tiki Toki. I also think you’ll find it very helpful that Alexis is using it in her project as well. This way you can play ideas off each other and help each other with any problems that arise.

  3. I think this skill is really perfect for your project. I’m happy that we will be able to exchange ideas and problems when using the platform (although I hope there aren’t too many problems). I definitely think interactive timelines are a great feature to get people engaged with our projects. Good luck!

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