What’s an E-Portfolio?

Despite taking several technology-based classes in high school and college, I have always been technologically challenged (relatively speaking, for a 20-year old in our generation). Admittedly, when I first heard about the E-Portfolio portion of the Writing Minor, I was almost scared away on the spot. I could not imagine myself creating my own online medium on which to publish my interactive writing and multimedia. While I am very savvy with Power Point and using that specific form of technology to create effective ways to present to others, rarely am I presenting myself. I am nervous about publishing my writing online and doing it in a way I am comfortable with. I want my E-Portfolio to be something I am truly proud of and something I feel really represents me and my strengths as a writer.

I have looked at several of the other Writing Minor E-Porfolios for inspiration, and I have been consistently enthralled and impressed. Maybe it sounds creepy, but I feel like I know the people whose portfolios I have looked at, and I hope mine will be the same way. Now the challenge of creating myself on the Internet and stumbling over inevitable technical difficulties on my way there. I want my E-Portfolio to tell a story. I hope to have somewhat of a precis or introduction to every piece of writing I include in order to give my readers context and perspective and to provide reasoning for why each piece is special to me. When thinking about the guiding theme I aspire to, I think about stories. I want my porfolio to tell a series of stories about me and the experiences I have had through my writing. I hope this theme will be implicit in my portfolio through my writing style and the pieces I choose to include.

I hope my readers will have an interactive experience with my portfolio; one that is simple yet engaging and impactful. I want to be relatable and connect with those who read my writing. I hope to challenge myself to include pieces of writing in many different genres, including narrative and professional writing. I also plan to include sketch drafts and storyboards and other raw pieces of planning material that have assisted me in my writing process. While maybe not necessarily fully polished, these pieces of writing will give my readers a perspective of the type of thinker and learner I am.

Whether or not to include multimedia in my E-Portfolio is something I have been pondering. I am not really much of a soundtrack/video person, but I think if the media I chose to use really contributed something to my portfolio that I could not accomplish in any other form, it would be more than worthwhile. I think these details will come together as my work in the Minor progresses. As a non-techie, I want to keep it simple and effective with most of the focus staying on my writing. As daunting as it is, I am looking forward to getting started on the E-Portfolio process!

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  1. Molly,
    I love how honest you are about your techy anxieties in relation to our eports. I think the main challenge for us is how the heck we’re going to match the creativity and wonderfulness of all the students that came before us. Like you, I’ve looked at other students’ websites for inspiration and can’t believe some of the amazing work that has come from being in the Minor.
    I definitely agree with you that presenting ourselves in an online forum is a bit scary and nerve-wracking. As much as we hold these uncomfortable feelings, trudging through it will be well worth the while as evidenced by all the students who came before us.
    I think it’s a really good idea that you want to do a precis before every piece of writing; it will contextualize more to your readers why you chose to include this particular piece or artifact and what purpose it may serve to your overall page.
    Like you, I also want to keep mine simple and user-friendly and am a little anxious about if I’ll be able to implement my vision through the scary terrain of WordPress. I think we have all the tools we need though to get over that tech learning curve and really make our eportfolios exactly how we want them to be.
    Good luck as we start working on them! And nice job in the initial ideas you already have to get you going.

  2. Hey Molly,

    Just know that you are not alone in feeling technologically challenged- I am right there with you. I think in order for us to make it work we just have to get going early to make it perfect!

    Also, it’s totally not creepy to feel like you know who someone is from their eportfolio. Honestly, that’s what I’m hoping to achieve with mine. I want people to know who I am as a writer and person, and I think that that’s what you are striving for as well. I think that putting pieces from various aspects of your writing life on your eport is a great idea. I think that implicitly helps to craft your narrative and show who you are without saying “THIS IS WHO I AM.”

    In terms of the multimedia, yeah, I’d wait on that. I think that’s something that, like you said, will come together further along.

    Good luck!

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