Where is this Project Going?

Over spring break, I plan on completing my narrative for my McCulley-McLemore narrative. I also plan on conducting some oral histories from both the maternal and paternal sides of my family. If anyone had any advice on conducting some oral history I would be glad to discuss this with you.


2 thoughts to “Where is this Project Going?”

  1. Kierra,

    I would love to hear more about your narrative history project. What kinds of questions will you be asking your family members? I have some experience in conducting oral history and have interviewed many individuals about their experiences. I think hearing others’ stories and learning from them is a really rewarding experience!

  2. Sorry for the late response! I will be asking them questions about their upbringing, race relations during that time period, and what they know about their parents, grand parents and so forth. I would love if you could send me what you have about conducting oral history! My email address is kierragr@umich.edu

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