Work in Progress: The Repurposing Project

I’ve written plenty of pieces in the past. Some I enjoyed writing and some that I forgot that I even wrote. Initially, there were three pieces that I wanted to repurpose, but then I narrowed it down to two. Both were pieces on relevant topics: diversity and college tuition. I decided to repurpose the piece on diversity because I felt more of a personal connection with it and because of the growing conversation about it on campus and even in the workplace.

My original piece was written for an application for an internship and the topic was how my own commitment to diversity would be beneficial to the company. I focused on my own definition of diversity which includes not only race and ethnicity, but personality and thinking styles. I explained why diversity is important in the workplace and in school and how everybody can learn from each other because of this diversity.

During the class discussion, people said both topics were great since they are both frequently discussed. Diversity has become the main focus at the University of Michigan recently, but, rising tuition rates are also looming underneath the surface. (There is no denying that tuition is going to go up next year.) Ultimately, my peers said it would depend on what piece I felt more connected to and the one that I wouldn’t be bored with over the course of the semester. Both of the original pieces were different: one was a research paper and one was a personal essay, but if I were to repurpose them, the outcome of whatever topic I chose would have been similar. The idea of writing a letter to the administration came up and this would be applicable to both topics. In the back of my mind, I thought that doing a blog post would be good to gear towards my new audience of college students. I thought about writing a letter as my repurposing since it would give a more formal tone to my old piece, but I learned more towards writing a blog post. After my talk with Shelley, where she said I should decide where I want this piece to appear, I decided to write a forum post to gear my argument towards a college student audience. My main focus would be about the importance of diversity in the workforce and why they should work somewhere diverse. I want to use the College Confidential forum as my host for where this forum post would appear. Many soon to be and current college students use this as a resource to find out information about colleges and even life after college. This would be the perfect place to point out why college students seeking internships and soon-to-be college graduates seeking full time jobs should work somewhere that is diverse. By writing a forum post, it also opens up conversation and allows people to debate about it.

Although, both tones of the pieces will be similar, I think the forum post can be more informal with bullet points or numbered points because it will make reading easier rather than a wall of text. In the forum post, I still plan to draw from my own experiences, but also want to use more facts on diversity and why it has become important in companies.

With people becoming more self aware about diversity, I think a piece like this is needed to touch all aspects of diversity in life after college.

Melody Ng

Melody is currently a senior studying business.

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