Writing At This Point

I’m excited about writing at this point in my life because I’m graduating soon. As a student for the past 17 years of my life, I feel like I’ve written a lot of things in order to get a good grade. As the end of my academic career is near, I can’t help but to wonder what type of writing I’ll engage in–whatever it is, I know it will be on my terms, for me. And that’s something that’s exciting.

With that being said, I think that’s one of the few things I’m looking forward to after graduation. And in times of sadness, I turn to Buzzfeed to know that I’m not alone:



2 thoughts to “Writing At This Point”

  1. I totally agree; even though I’ve been assigned some interesting writing projects that have pushed me to write things I might not have written on my own, I’m excited to see what I create when I don’t have to worry about grades anymore. GOODBYE, traditional academic papers! It’s so much more fun to try different genres and styles, and the writing is usually stronger when you do that.

  2. I totally agree to this as well Christine. Whatever we decide to write is for our audience, but is also ultimately for US. What we choose to write is important to us as writers because it takes so much out of us to want to tailor something to a specific audience and on top of all that, decide what that audience will find intriguing. These “thoughts of steps” to writing should however value our personal morals and values, and should, yes, be on our own terms.

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