Zach Braff, “Wish I Was Here”

Zach Braff is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. He’s known for his comedic role in “Scrubs,” but he is also a writer and director. Ten years ago he came out with the movie “Garden State,” one of my favorites of all time. Zach wrote, directed and starred in the movie and also picked the songs for the soundtrack. Because of such a personal project, he gained many fans (like me) waiting for a him to create a new movie that spoke to us the way that Garden State did.

So earlier this year, Zach wrote a script that he believed in and knew his fans would appreciate as well. He could not get the funding he needed from major studios without compromising some of his artistic vision (final cut, casting, etc.), so he did a Kickstarter campaign, fundraising by reaching out to his fans, asking for help to produce the movie that HE wanted to create. Here’s the video he sent out to his fans:

He raised the funds within 48 hours.

I think of this when taking on a big project because I respect that Zach did not compromise on anything. He had his vision and stuck to it because he knew he would connect with his fans the way he did ten years ago in Garden State. This relates to my own project because I was nervous that it would not be relatable to a bigger audience, but because it’s so personal and I care so much about my family and our business, I think that authenticity will show through and people will be able to relate to that. I was going to do a different project that wasn’t as personal to me because I wanted to make sure it was relevant, but I thought of Zach and he’s the perfect example of how sometimes the most personal things are the most profound.

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  1. Wow, that’s really inspirational. I haven’t heard about celebrities really doing something like that but that was a great idea and I’m glad it worked. It sends a message of hope to never give up and that’s why I like this.

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