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Hey you all.

I am wondering how people are managing with racking up points to the capstone course while keeping up with working on the project. I am starting to move on up there with some points, but 2,000 is a lot of points to get in a short period of time. Also, can someone explain how to do the process reflection. Also, I need some ideas how to get 30 pages for this capstone project about my genealogy project. I am starting to panic. Any advice helps!



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  1. Hey Kierra,

    I’ve racked up a bunch of points by doing a lot of peer reviews. Not only are they relatively easy to complete (a minimum of 200 words), they are also worth a pretty nice 30 points! Plus, they’ve been helping me stay really engaged in class as I try to complete the peer reviews immediately after class workshops. I have been trying to put a decent amount of thought into them because I know that I appreciate it when people send me nice, detailed, and thoughtful responses to me regarding my project.

    I also took Ray up on his offer to award points for outside work and research. I spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks working on my Portfolio; so, I took screenshots of my Portfolio at various stages of production and then gave myself 20 points for every hour that I spent on it (because I compared it to the “mapping an idea spatially” micro-assignment, worth 20 points). I’ve racked up about 200 points over the past couple of weeks doing this, which is totally worth it because you have to build a Portfolio anyways so you might as well get credit for doing it!

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Mark,

    Thank you so much! I have been doing a lot of peer reviews before workshops so I can have my thoughts written out to give feedback and have been getting points that way. I also conducting interviews and self-interviews. Everything else is a bit vague. I’m going to start to do award points for the outside work and research that I do for my project and portfolio. Great idea!

    Thank you

  3. With regards to points: make sure you are doing something everyday even if it is just something little. Try to make a goal for yourself. Like Monday-Thursday I will hit XX amount of points and by the end of the weekend I want to have accumulated XX more. I also make sure that I do a peer review on every paper that my friends send my way to edit (they do frequently). Try to start doing Peer Reviews on the individuals we workshop as well (this is something that I hadn’t started doing until yesterday and I regret it).
    With regards to peer reviews: basically the way I approach peer reviews is to go through and read it and think about what I took away from the paper. I use only about a sentence or two to tell the writer what I thought it was about (just incase they have no idea that their writing was conveying a different message or wasn’t saying what they thought they can figure it out and fix it).
    For getting to the 30 pages I think he was just saying that if you are going to straight type up something then you should aim for it to be this long. I wouldn’t really worry about the length until you are completely done

  4. I agree with both Mark and Maggie. There are various great ways to get points. Peer reviewing is definitely one of them. Not only is it relatively straight froward to do, but it really helps you get insight into the good and bad things that are people are doing, which can help very much for the sake of your own project.

    Regarding Maggie’s thoughts, definitely try to make it a priority to do at least one activity every single day. It will feel like a burden at first, but after a little while it will just become a regular part of your day. Believe me, the points will accumulate nicely.

    In relation to your question about a peer review, this is another great way to get points while working on your project, and is easy to do so. I approach this by simply recalling the thought process I had when I was composing whatever piece I was working on. I reflect on what worked well, where I would like to improve and what my overall approach was in drafting the piece.

    Hope this helps!

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