Attn RAYRAY’s Capstone Students

If you’re having any difficulty figuring out the scope of your project or what potential difficulties you may entail in the near future (i’m assuming you, like me, are just really getting started producing actual content for the project), I’d highly recommend completing the Author Self Interview. ¬†Ray’s guiding questions help uncover some of the underlying motivations of why you’re interested in the particular topic/subject of the project and subsequently help reveal what kind of potential issues may be looming. ¬†Doesn’t hurt that its worth 30 points either!

For those of you who are producing more scientific or strictly structured work, this may help serve as a jumping off point for explaining reasons and justifications for your analysis and the form you are writing it (for those people who are producing “reports” and want to have a more colloquial introduction into your analysis).


Good luck nerds.

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  1. I agree Andrew…I did the Author Self-Interview a few weeks ago and it really did help me get a better grasp on what route I wanted to take for the project. I’m not going to lie though…some of the questions were pretty repetitive and frankly a little boring to write. Plus, I felt like the Self-Interview only really helped me because I had an idea in mind already about what I was going to do; it wasn’t like doing it produced a brain spark on exactly what the project was going to be on. It was more of an organize your thoughts type of thing.

    I have found some of the other micro-assignments to be pretty helpful as well. I love doing/reading peer reviews, though its not very helpful when the person peer reviewing your work is doing it simply to get the points (not calling anyone out, I promise!). I’ve been trying to put a decent amount of effort into those peer reviews that I send to people because I know how much a good peer review can help.

  2. I’m glad that you mentioned this because I just completed the author self-interview. It was very helpful because I am still trying to figure out the scope of my project and get the ball rolling. The self-interview put and kept my ideas in perspective. It helped me frame my ideas and understand who my audience will be and how I will captivate them.

  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for your post. I’ve found that the most helpful assignments to complete when working on my final project are 1) the annotated bibliography for the project and 2) the author self-interview. Interestingly, I’ve also found that starting to create my website has also been very useful because it has forced me to try and visualize where I want to place everything. Anyway, best of luck and I’ll see you in class today for workshop!

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