But They’re All So Pretty…

Wow, time flies incredibly fast.

I’m starting to look into/solidify a template for my final capstone portfolio, which is proving to be more difficult than I imagined. I am just so indecisive. Some templates are really visually appealing but don’t necessarily match the material I want to showcase. Other templates I could see being easy to use but I’m not as obsessed with their layouts. At least I have decided that I will be using a Wix template. I’m also concerned that I don’t have enough pictures to fill my portfolio. A lot of the formats have these beautiful, high resolution images, and yet I’m not entirely sure how or if I should incorporate my own images? It may be interesting to go around campus (with a rented, high resolution camera) and take pictures of things I like/describe my interests. I think that actually may be a goal of mine for the capstone portfolio.

I think I’m most excited about finally having an online space where I can direct others to my work. I always say to people that “I love writing” or that “I’ve taken so many writing classes,” and now I will have a professional display to back it up! On that note, I want to make sure my portfolio is professional enough where I would feel comfortable attaching its link to my resume or forwarding it along to a desired employer. Not many people have numerous writing samples to share and I want to take advantage of that!

Sorry this post was some what of a rant 🙂


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